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My interest in all things creative began as a young girl. Always being drawn to colors pallets, smell goods, and how things felt in my tiny hands. I remember spending so much time with my grandmother, who always had arts and crafts on hand, and completing project after project from sun up to sun down. I never got bored and always wanted to do more. My mom had such a creative eye and I would watch her create beautiful gift baskets and home decor themes. If you can imagine, Pier 1 was definitely my favorite store as a kid!

Fast forward to 2013, while engaged to my love and business partner, we were trying to figure out what type of favors would best fit our rustic, Victorian themed wedding. Then it hit me...CANDLES!!!! After receiving so many complements on the favors, guest began to ask how much would I charge to make more candle favors for them. That’s when Scented Ambiance was born. Its been 6 yrs in the making, A few set backs, a whole lot of trial and error, but we are happy to be able to share something that is so memorable to us with you all.

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