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3 oz scented candles are the perfect gift for your guest to take home from your event. Each candle will have a scent chosen by you with fabric and (optional) custom tag to match your color/theme. 

Customized Event Favors (price listed per 12 favors)

SKU: 0007
  • Descriptions of scent types are detailed on the "Scent Descriptions" page on the website.

    Please place orders a MINIMUM of 5 weeks before your event to ensure a timely delivery and to avoid "rush" fees

    Current offerings are listed on the "Scent Descriptions" page. Samples of the mason and tureen jars are shown in the photos.

    Fabric matching the event is included with the purchase. Customized tags are in additional cost of $4.00 per dozen

    A sample pic of your design will be sent via email for your approval prior to full prodution, please be sure to incude your email AND the date of your event in your cart to the "add a note" section. Not doing so will cause a delay in final production, risking delays in shipping. 


  • Price is quoted as per dozen 

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