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 Scents For Custom Event Favors ONLY

**** Choose any ONE scent for customized event favors. Quantities must be in increments of 12. All custom favor candles will be made into 4 oz  jars. The jar options we offer are shown under the "customized event favor" listing in the shop section of the website.****

****Fabric matching your theme will be included at no additional charge. For a more memorable guest experience, a custom tags can be included with your order for an additional charge of $4.00 per dozen.****


Black Lace- Pear, Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vanilla 

Cocoa Butter Cashmere- Cocoa Butter, Amber, Musk, Coconut, Jasmine,                                                                       Vanilla

Egyptian Amber- Dark Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber, Jasmine, and                                        Citrus

Fresh Linen-Cotton, Peach, Lavender, Coconut

Paradise Blossom- Floral, Citrus, and Coconut

Blush & Bashful- Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Floral, Spice, Coconut, Light Musk

Sea Salt & Orchid- Wood, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Ozone, Green                                                       Leaves

Unscented- No scent for those who have sensitivities to fragrances but still wish to create an ambiance


Autumn Bake- Bourbon, Apples, Cinnamon, Coconut, Pumpkin, Brown                                       Sugar, Allspice 

Fallen Leaves- Pecan, Cedar, Apple, Berry, Green Leaves, Citrus,                                                    Cinnamon, Chrysanthemum

Pumpkin Chai- Graham Cracker, Clove, Black Tea, Pumpkin, Orange Peel,                                    Nutmeg

Toasted Pumpkin Spice- Clove, Smoke, Buttercream, Pumpkin, Nutmeg


Apple Butter Caramel- Brown Sugar, Musk, Butter, Nutmeg, Caramel,                                                        Apple

Cranberry Woods- Pine, Fir, Cranberry, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Red Current,                                             Black Current

Frost and Snowdrops- Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Jasmine

Mocha Mint- Vanilla, Brewed Coffee, Chocolate, Mint


Gardenia Tuberose- Powder, Tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia Lemon Peel

Honeydew Melon- Vanilla, Sugar, Strawberry, Honeydew, Green Leaves

Lush Linen- Sandalwood, Vanilla, Linen, Lily of the Valley, Ozone

Orange Blossom- Sandalwood, Jasmine, Neroli, Bergamont, Petitegrain,                                          Orange Blossom

Watermelon- Honeydew Melon, Watermelon, Sugar

*****Please refer to Shipping and Returns page for more details regarding the purchase of custom orders


*****If a scent you are looking for is not listed, feel free to contact us, we may be able to honor your request

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